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Thread: Where did they move jobe clusters?

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    Where did they move jobe clusters?

    Jobe clusters used to be sold by the guy just after zoning from Jobe platform to Market.

    Now he claims to have quit selling stuff.

    Anyone know where the clusters are to be found?
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    You can buy those in Implant Shops:

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    Implant shop in the building just across from Fair Trade in Borealis. The entrance is sort of on the back-side if you stand in front of Fair Trade.
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    Looks like all the free standing implant shops have them now. There's a 2nd implant shop in Bor by the West gate & New Land City's does too--it's over by the outside clothing vendor next to the mission terminals

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    The jobe clusters are also now insanely expensive compared to the old vendors prices. On the positive side, at least now they are available up to ql300.
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