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    Quote Originally Posted by Esssch View Post
    Nailed it.
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    No Idea why that happened, but anyway the text says it all.

    Fixed, love the way AO forums handle thumbnail links:


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    clearly, it's all because arbalest is clan-only. all the omnis pvpers went clan for arbalest and all the omni pvmers went clan for the 35% xp buff so now the ratio of clan to omni is 9:1 herp derp clan favouritism herp derp devs are clan.

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    FYI folks - It looks like someone has finally fixed the "play time" bug on steam, so steam stats are finally working as intended.

    Number of "owners" on steam seems to have balanced out - slowly creeping up - around 39k players.

    Average playtime is now just above 2.5 hours.

    However, it looks like "total players online" is still bugged, for some reason. Unless there really are only 10 players online at a time...
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    I wouldn't be surprised if it was a real low number of people playing from steam. As most are old dogs useing the old client.
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    Has anyone tried, if they really have fixed that bug?
    Or does it just come from everyone using the workaround?
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    I just tried it, nothing's changed.

    If something had changed, we would probably see it in the app history.

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    I just use the command launch line work around.

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