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Thread: Anarchy Online's Future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PigBrother View Post
    Today I was checking good old TOTW .. entered .. shift+F9 - GS=6 ... WHAT ?? Yep I was in a GS=6 in TOTW !
    Good ol' 2004 when GS6 was something I tried to keep open by logging out inside temple
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tergx
    If one of the few traders are PvPing around you and land GTH on you, take a trip to decon and it will be gone. What's the big deal hehe.

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    I see all this paranoia but for me looking at there q4 2016 report, Conan Exile was a success. They have also hit their internals goals for anarchy online and other games. which has lead to all this maintenance mode talk but at the end of the day this statement reassures me that it wont disappear anytime soon.

    "The major games
    contributing to the
    revenues in 2016 are The
    Secret World, followed by
    Age of Conan and Anarchy

    "Main sources of revenues are
    The Secret World, Age of Conan
    and Anarchy Online."

    those statements make me sure that anarchy online will be around a long time. in previous reports when they were in money troubles before the cash donation. they stated they would find a away for there games like anarchy online to stay online even by selling it if they must, this was back when they said they could only fund games for another year. then like magic they suddenly found millions of dollars in donations. so I have no doubt that we have many years left to go. Only thing i don't know is how much new stuff we will get if any. I would be happy even if we didn't just the drive finish my projects and toon's is enough for me personally and if the crash bugs stuff get fixed I will be even happier.
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    Only thing i dont know how much new stuff we will get.
    None. Zero. No new stuff. Not soon, not later. Never. This is what you guys don't get, it's not that the server will be shut down soon, is that nothing is going to change. The game has a pulse, but is connected to machines and has no cerebral activity. The game is dead. The development of the game has to be outsourced in order to continue. As long as the game stays with FC, it will remain dead.

    And with the low number of subscribers AO has, there's not many of them it has to lose before they decide it isn't worth it anymore and they pull the plug. With no FC official in sight for almost a year, the game will only continue to lose players, even faster than before, so no one can tell you precisely when we'll reach the insufficient number of subscribers, but we'll get there soon enough. Luckily, they probably won't decide to shut it down before AoC, but with FC's management anything is possible.
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    I did edit my post just now but for me I don't care for new stuff, some bugs fixed would be ideal but at the end the day anarchy online is a game that keeps me going for sense of achievement that I finally finished that toon 100 percent. I still have many toons and goals to hit. I think that what makes this game special, is that it is not another get the gear to drop that slot is finished until next raid game. it is all about doing raids as org or team getting that lucky drop using it to further your build a-bit further still. I know some people enjoy multibox farming but I think more people would have fun if they didnt solo or MB everything. These are my personal feelings however but I am sure alot people keep playing the game for that reason

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    One could think that the development of the engine should be completed before putting a game into maintenence mode. I mean, haven't they spoken about it for over 10 years now? Better put it out of beta, that's the least they can do for us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oliveerz View Post
    One could think that the development of the engine should be completed before putting a game into maintenance mode. I mean, haven't they spoken about it for over 10 years now? Better put it out of beta, that's the least they can do for us.
    That would indeed be great. However i fear that the fact that they didn't even do any subscription offers for Christmas is kind of a confirmation that they don't plan to keep the lights on for long now. I think it was the first time ever without any sub offers on x-mas. Also there was no sub offers around Halloween which is also weird.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SoapTarder View Post
    its funny how AO requires so much grinding and effort to make any progress, both ingame and in Development

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    Let's hope they atleast would try to sell AO to another company that could see the potential Funcom cannot.
    If they really has decided to keep AO in maintenance mode, or if its just until Conan Exiles and Secret World has been pushed out.

    Whatever happens, ill enjoy AO for aslong as its running. Be that years or seconds.
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