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Thread: Active Omni orgs

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    Active Omni orgs


    I've re-subbed (after a mighty 9 year break,) and am looking for an active Omni org, that would like to take in an old kodger 220 keeper with a handful of extra toons.

    My knowledge has completely evaporated (9 years of binging on alcohol) so it would be nice to re-learn the game with a few experienced people.

    Also, does any one know of any currently active raid bots (pande/beast, LE/Xan mercs etc.) That would be greatly appreciated.

    Stevekeep032 --- 218/19 Atrox Keeper, Omni (Atlantean) --- Noidling

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    Ours is pretty active (depending on time zone)...Apply here

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    Thank you! I'll put in an application tonight.

    What time zone do you guys operate in? US? I'm currently in Singapore (yeah, long way away.) and play between 7-11ish on week nights, and during the day at the weekend. That's GMT (UTC+08:00) time zone.
    Stevekeep032 --- 218/19 Atrox Keeper, Omni (Atlantean) --- Noidling

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    Lots of European players and some in the US (spread across time zones). Not sure about Asia, but worth a shot (many of us are night owls ).

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    I'm in GMT +10 which is close to you and there is still people around in Post Apocalypse though not as many as when I wake up really early in the morning to log on.

    A bump for superb org of pals.

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    How about any Omni organizations recruiting newbies? Have asked in various channels at times and silence.

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    Pretty sure we take newbies too (hell, I'm pretty friggin' n00b myself). Apply at the above link and we'll see what the higher ups have to say.

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