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Thread: Friday with Means - December 10th, 2010 - The view from my desk

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    Funcom employee Friday with Means - December 10th, 2010 - The view from my desk

    Work continued this week on the Christmas update, Heads, Trees, Multiple Ocean volumes for the new engine, Invisible ground for the new engine, Moving character selection in-game, NT nano overhaul and amazingly enough...more.

    Thank you specifically (again) to the people who used their free time this week to speak with me about their ideas about how to make Anarchy Online better. When I talk to 100 people in AO I often find that there are 100 "most important" things that people want addressed...amazingly enough even after almost 10 years of smoothing and adjustment many of these issues remain quite significant in the game today. While I do believe that we are miles ahead of where we used to be I prefer to see our progress as "a good start".

    Thank you for the good feedback concerning the Flame Shades healing the Collector being overwhelming...and "un-fun".

    Thank you for feedback concerning Free players gaining the ability to find and purchase items from player markets.

    Thank you for feedback and patience with the changes to the input system. While not perfect is getting there. The freedom it gives us in the long run will make this short period a distant memory in the future.

    Thank you for keeping us up to date with our world "on the ground" as it is...we do appreciate it.

    I've been fortunate enough recently to have the chance to attend a couple Gridstream shows...and it has been great to get the chance to relax and chat with a few of you. We are all passionate about AO and we generally argue about it a great deal...I think sometimes it is easy to forget what a great community we really have, full of interesting and amazing individuals, and how lucky we are to be able to spend our time together doing something we love. When the world slows down for a brief instant...every now and then... sometimes I get a chance to actually look around me and see Rubi-Ka for what it is...rather than an enormous ravening list of issues to address. Sorry to be a bit sappy...but thank you for reminding me of why I have the best job in the world.

    In other news we aim to update TestLive Monday night and Live Thursday next week with the Christmas update and other changes. A special offer will be sent out to people on "AO Vacation" at some point let's look forward to seeing some of the old faces around for the holidays

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Kintaii Edit!: Click here to check out a special preview of the incoming holiday content for Anarchy Online!
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    4th wee
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    Funcom employee

    *counting* one..two..three... uhm... FIRST PAGE!

    Tsherman Translashion

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    First in train at 128km/h+!

    5 replies in sub 2mins?

    Please Means, send me pm when you are next going to post ;D
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    1st page? my life is complete now!
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    The skis look sweet.
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    Love it!

    I'll have to check out testlive then!

    Have a great weekend!

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    That reindeer mask is nightmare fuel
    "Still, I was fabulous, and it was a bloody good laugh"


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    Ohai FwM

    Reindeer head looks awesome
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    that rednosed reindeer head looks scary!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Means View Post
    A special offer will be sent out to people on "AO Vacation" at some point let's look forward to seeing some of the old faces around for the holidays
    It's already in account page. So I can kill Trash King for my froob alt.
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    Reindeer head? WANT BAD
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    Dammit and I still can't log into AO yet! Oh first page, second time in... 10 years, yay!
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    Hello? Is this the post office? Uh?

    I knew I shouldnt have turned left.
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