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Thread: Character Slots

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    Funcom employee Character Slots

    Hey guys,

    Just to reiterate, the difference between active/inactive slots is discussed in the November update, and elsewhere in the forums. If you have any other questions, they will be answered on this thread.

    When you log onto live, you will see you have 8 active active character slots. We have a new character slot system on the backend, with the intention of giving out some number of free additional slots to subscribers. The server code is currently patched out, but it will not be turned on when the patch goes live. We decided we have enough to test as it is, and the server migration is a big enough thing on its own.

    I have been in discussions with Joel as part of the transition, and we are looking to increase character slots for subscribers shortly after the Migration goes through and we are satisfied we have dealt with any and all issues which may arise from that.
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    One profession to RoO them all, one profession to proc stun them, one profession to calm them all and in the darkness Exp perk them!

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    Sounds good, don't make it an everlasting promise that never gets upheld tho! We've seen too many of those

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    How many? Please give us answer, just to clear up the future...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilaliya View Post
    I have been in discussions with Joel as part of the transition, and we are looking to increase character slots for subscribers shortly after the Migration goes through and we are satisfied we have dealt with any and all issues which may arise from that.
    Awesome news!
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    number of few implies 3+, but probably its not yet set in stone.
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    Please forgive the lack of confidence, but I will believe that new slots exist only when they show up on my login. Sorry, but over the last year there have simply been too many promises made by funcom from markets will be fixed, through rents will not increase, to leaders receiving a package of every conceivable building, to additional slots, to the timing of all these promises. So far followthrough has not come close to the promises. I trust Ilaliya, but he has already said he is leaving and, again based on history, it would be easy for fc to change their mind and throw him under the bus when they don't feell like doing what they said they would do.
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    That's fine by me, still need to finish some chars before rolling more.

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    Well, he said "shortly" and not "soon".

    btw, what sounds "good news" or "awesome" on this ?
    it is everything else then that.
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    The issue with this (for me) - I have an account with >8 characters and cannot activate the others until extra slot/slots are allowed. So I will have toons named R1234567890 until I can activate them. If we had been told "how many" at least we could have prepared a little better with which toons I want to keep.

    Not real happy with this lack of disclosure -
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    I just want to know WHEN!...
    Been here, done this.
    Omw there now...

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    Seeing the merge come out so quickly when I hadn't expected it for many months more has me feelin optimistic about this. Although the rebalance may not come for awhile and in its current state I do t even want it to be released but the fact that something significant has actually happened its renewed some faith in me to be patient for he future.

    Right now I actually have people to so things with at all times of day now and that's good enough for me for awhile.
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    to be fair, 2.8k ar is enough to perk anyone except fixers, mas, advs, shades, nt's that blinded you, shield mps, bow mps that landed dazzle, def docs, crats, or marinesold

    so all in all it's a fairly viable setup

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    wat about free char transfers? or a discount on them?? got 3 220fixers on the same account 2 220 engis 2 220 crats etc etc
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    Aye any timetable on account slots? like Days, Weeks, Months? Any answer will be good. Even "For sure not for atleast 2 weeks."
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    Once "everything is running".

    The actual server problems surely need to get fixed first.
    Poor Macrosun, weekend codehumping again :/
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    Thanks for the information. I was directed here from a mod. I'm a bit upset a few people here seem to be pretty darn happy with a couple more slots. I for one don't see that as a reasonable thing. I for one played on all 3 servers then you went down to 2 and now 1. So I went from 24 Character slots all the way down to 8. The worst part of this is I enjoy making new characters and trying to attract new players to Anarchy Online.

    I did a Let's Play Series in the past and it seem to be a pretty big hit. I don't mean 10,000+ Views but enough that it did bring in a few subscribers at least. I know this because on my Minecraft server we had 3 guys and a gal who joined up back then.

    I'm not saying I'm special nor wanted to be treated any different. But my account was activated back in 2003 and you guys had offered more 10 years ago then you are now today.

    Going through the forums and quick read you guys have already robbed the long term premium members enough already. This is what happens when corruption between paid and free games gets out of hand.

    What I'm saying is Pay 2 Win type features should never exist for a person who pays a monthly sub. Instead what happens is you offer certain features that prem members already have at cost to the free players.

    Anyways, I doubt my cries will be heard because it seems like AO might be actually surviving off the last few tears of members left in AO
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kane-Hart View Post
    you offer certain features that prem members already have at cost to the free players.
    Thisx10000, almost tired of pointing it out. Even when my subbed accounts are active, I'd pay a few $s here and there to enable certain features on my froobs and sloobs. Why turn down money?
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    A long time ago i started off on RK1 i moved mostly over to RK2 a lot of time and effort has been put into both servers i have a full set of toons on each server.

    I know I cant play every toon every day but i like to play each one once in a while .

    Wiliest there were two servers I could do that but now we merged i get the feeling that we will get a few extra slots and then its going to involve some sort of payment to fill the other slots or never play the toons.

    If this is the case why should I pay for something ive already paid for?
    Ao is already one of the most expensive and out-dated ptp games out.

    Just before Christmas swtor had server mergers anyone that had toons on both servers were given every toon to play one the new server with no extra cost.

    Hopefully this can be the same in AO but I find it highly unlikely.

    I tend to just play the game and never look on the forums except when there is an issue relying on the news on the game launcher to keep me updated with anything i need to know.
    Not having the time or inclination to go hunting for info that should be readily available to me and I just cant see any information on the server merger?

    To me it was server will be merging at some point ...servers will merge soon ....hay servers will be down tomorrow for merger.

    A distinct lack of information that would have been nice to have considering it will effects everyone.
    And there is still a lack of information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meriweather View Post
    why should I pay for something ive already paid for?
    THAT is the question!
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    its not often meriweather is right.. but this is one of those times
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