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Thread: Wuts best breed for ma

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    Wuts best breed for ma

    Ive been wondering a while. What is the best breed for martial artists end game
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    theyll just tell you whichever you like best, dont you just hate that then theyll start fighting over who is the best and your post becomes pointless..i rolled a opifex cuz i read it the most on the forums...if i were to personally remake id go for atrox just cuz they are uber =P
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    please use search feature, we just had one of these.

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    it doesnt really matter very much..the differences between breeds are so small. Its all about player behind the character.

    nanomage are the only breed that is not viable as an MA. They come off worse in just about all of our important skills
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    Yup, we just did all this.

    Summary to save you time - atrox few more hp, opifex bit more damage, solitus middle of the road, nanomage gimp.
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    Yep. I've had Opi MA and my current 208 Trox MA, both were fine. Just don't make a nanogimp and you'll be golden.
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