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Thread: Adonis to Penumbra access

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    Adonis to Penumbra access

    Tired of getting getting lost in the Abyss and walking into hecks in Penumbra forest?

    Here is the route from Garden of Dalja to Vanya:


    1. I do not suggest entering at Portal to Abyss b/c chain-spawning parasites are a pretty tough fight for a solo 160; and getting past the spirits on top is no fun either. The idea of the route is that one can do it solo and self-buffed, since only things you have to fight are spiders, eremites, and dryads.

    Getting advy buffs might be a problem if only way to Ado garden is death, and there are no advies there to cast it.

    2. Indeed, you want to tell Ergo that you are way to high for his silly tests, and you want to continue the journey rather than help him sort out borked stuff.
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    Entering the Abyss from the entrance farther to the north is easier, IMO, and much safer.

    Get parrot form from an Advy, go to City North (if you're Omni/neut), and fly right out onto the lake.
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    If you wanna skip the quest and get the ring, start the convo with the 'About the journey...' or whatever it was. Not the 'Hello ergo!'.

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    I always use "Portal to the Abyss" or the Sanctuary statues.

    Walked it at 160 with my Doctor the other day. Best bet is to get a map from an Adv (or the Vet map) so that you can avoid as many as possible.
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