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Thread: Letter From The Game Director

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    Letter From The Game Director

    We posted a message today from Game Director Craig 'Silirrion' Morrison thanking the players for their support through the server migration and information on upcoming content. You can read it here.

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    I like how Sill writes letters to the player base - We've gotten more of them this summer than in the past two years! Thanks.
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    We wouldn't make the nano in the first place if we didn't feel that it would be useful and at the very least a decent addition to any given professions nano listing.
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    I <3 Rubi-Ka luv

    Thanks guys!
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    While the inconvenience of the server downtime was tough, I didn't expect to receive compensation for it.

    Many thanks for the kind gesture.
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    First off, I thoroughly enjoy the new website. I have been thinking for years that its time for a change and it needed a way to show news updates better.

    I also appreciate the personal letters to the users and hope that they keep coming! I always check out the website daily and now I think it will come to better use as it seems to be updating often lately (keep it up!). And the new content sounds great!

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    Despite issues like the server problems (technicall difficulties are to be expected, and i've been in the other side of the fence in my work schedule) i like a lot how the AO team is handling things, even if i don't particularily like all of their dcisions, it shows that they hear us and that they work hard to keep the game and our experience in it as interesting and fun as posible.

    I'm looking forward for this updates in the history of RK and booster packs, and to keep enjoying the game for a long while.

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    A big thumbs up from me, we live in a compensation culture so no doubt there will be some that want more, whereas I'm quite content with the gesture made.

    Keep up the good work!

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    Thanks Sil Looking forward to seeing you next weekend.

    I have to say, all the Letters and communication from the Dev Team & other FC staff has been vastly improved in the last few months. Thanks for everything

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    "Live content updates won't stop either, the designers are already hard at work on the new quest series for the 17.7 update and I think it will be great to see people exploring Rubi-Ka again, the original zones have been in need of some extra reason to explore the vast world out there, and we hope that these quests will help in that regard. We will also be continuing to add new loot and items to the Rubi-Ka drop tables and 17.7 will see a great new set of tradeskill updates for old Rubi-Ka weapons to bring them up to speed a little more with the current gameplay. They won't be the 'best' weapons in the game by any stretch, but they will hopefully be useful additions (in particular for free players and those in search of a little nostalgic feeling of being 'back in the old days')."


    does that mean that the Hellspinner could be Viable? :O much <3 if you are going to be upgrading that.
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    Didn't need compensation..but thank you Sil.

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    This is amazing! After the last letter we wanted an update to the site with easy access to the history of RK, and what do we get a month or so later? We get just that, great and easy access to info on the various people and places, a fully updated timeline, and we asked for more story-information, and it's comming

    I'm really loving the new direction of the dev team, I really am!

    Spartan might be noticing the updates for RK-wpns, personaly I'm going crazy when I read this:

    "For those who pay attention as well, the latest Dust Brigade activity, and that which wil be found in 17.7 will start to unlock some of the ancient secrets of Rubi-ka and lead into some great adventures ahead. Be mindful of the information that the JOBE scientists, the Yuttos and beings like Ergo have been revealing to you, it might just serve you well in the future!

    Which leads us into the fact that shortly we will be starting production on the following booster pack that will contain new playfields and a gameplay experience based around the mysteries of ancient Rubi-Ka and how they have shaped the planet to this day (and even driven your actions!). We don't have a set release time for that booster pack yet, but hope that it won't be that far our relatively speaking. We have managed to greatly improve the way in which we can build and deploy new content over the last half year and we will be working hard to try and keep that up."

    There is only one thing left on my wish-list now, and that's the animated series, but that might be a tad too much to ask for atm.

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    so sick of Shadowlands, it fantasy based with players with guns running around. Rk content from now on would be awesome. Put the sci-fi back into AO.
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    Come on, it took me just 5 minutes to kill a level 178 MA with health-drains and trader pets...our toolset does work

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    Also we will adding bonus exp levels to game next weekend starting on Friday the 31st and carrying on through the weekend. Keep your eyes out for more specific details on that over the course of next week.
    Ok, gonna edit this, because I did not mean to sound complaining;

    I'm really curious about the details around "bonus exp levels", what this means and how it will affect my current characters.

    In advance; thank you for the reply
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    I love how people find a way to complain about anything... Thanks for keeping us updated Sil, and thanks to FC for all the hard work lately. Keep it up!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tergx View Post
    ...Shadowlands, it fantasy based with players with guns running around. Rk content from now on would be awesome. Put the sci-fi back into AO.

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    Thanks =) now we can relax after all the downtimes and problems the new servers had.
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    oh man, that letter makes me happy

    I want to start a new character so I can explore all this new stuff and not miss anything but I think I'll wait at least until the new RK content. I LOVE RK

    There's just so much to do!

    Thanks FC!!
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    Thank you Sil and the rest of the AO team. The communication between yourselves and the playerbase has improved vastly and props to that. taking the time to talk to the players, explaining issues and just joking around in threads is all good.

    The compensation, well I didn't really need it but I won't say no

    I have always thought that Rubi-Ka > Shadowlands, which is why I am really looking forward to story-driven quests and new content in the upcoming patches.

    Once again thank you Sil, Pharamond and the rest of your team. Keep up the good work and if you should have an opening for an office slacker.. *coughs* .. I am very skilled at making coffee :P
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    The letter was very interesting. I wait for the new RK "upgrade"... more story-quests and a reason to re-explore RK are always good I have to recognize I was getting a bit bored of SL lately...

    Um... "bonus exp levels" ... will that mean that we will be able to go beyond level 220 ?

    PS. I have seen in the game this reply "... tips are not needed but are much apreciated".
    So... thanks for this tip Sil
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