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Thread: 18.4.02 TestLive Notes

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    18.4.02 TestLive Notes - TestLive Notes

    We expect this patch to be available from Friday 5th of November
    If you find any issues in this version, please report it via forum or on TL.

    Item Store
    • First version of the Anarchy Online Item Store and preparation for the in-game browser added to the GUI.
      Do not buy anything please as these are test items and they will NOT be sent to your character.
      (There is also a known issue with client-crashing after clicking a drop-down box then immediately clicking the close button.)

    • New input system: All keys should now be bindable/customizable. Find the "Binds" tab at the top of the F10 menu. (Multiple actions can be bound to one key...this is intentional.)
    • Now able to lock individual items in the Character Wear windows.
    • Nano Icons and NCU icons are now color coded to make it easier to tell what they are at a quick glance.
    • Icons should now be displayed at the correct resolution in the Programs window and on Shortcut bars.
    • Can no longer enable or equip to Social Tab in combat.
    • Should no longer get stuck in Walk-Mode after dying while walking and returning to a SL save area.
    • XP gained with XP gain disabled should now be added to XP pool.
    • Terminating now adds your XP to pool.
    • Backpacks looted from remains should now be usable as Backpacks. (ie: Robust Backpack)
    • The "You already have this Unique item" message should now include the name of the unique item.
    • Signet of the Apocalypse Rings/HHAB ring should once again protect against Pandemonium dot if you are in rez sickness.

    Alien Daily Missions
    • The Artifact no longer has a chance of spawning in the Blazing Flames in the Salvage Alien Daily Mission
    • The Ammunition for the Give Ammo to Labbe Daily Mission should now respawn in random locations in vicinity of the crashed ship every 5-10 seconds
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    Colin Cragg
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    Funcom employee

    Forgot but important:

    - New slider to control the result level of a Tradeskill in the Tradeskill window.
    Colin Cragg
    This "Means" Cake
    Past Game Director (2008-2011)

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    Funcom employee

    - Timers are now available for all temporary items (ie: Grid Armor). Tool tip and Shift+click will now display the time remaining.
    Colin Cragg
    This "Means" Cake
    Past Game Director (2008-2011)

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    Funcom employee

    Test Live Patch Notes -

    We expect this patch to be available from Friday 12th of November
    If you find any issues in this version, please report it via forum or on TL.

    • Self terminate warning message no longer mentions loss of XP
    • Agency Alien Teleport can now be used for Arid Rift missions
    • Lowered crowd control tools resistance for some daily mission aliens
    • Toned down perception and attack rating (AR) on all daily mission Kyr'Ozch Scouts
    • Alien daily mission item Cocoon Terminator is now available in the agency shop in case you lose it
    • Jane Freud is now called Jayne Freud, as all other NPCs uses this name when referring to her
    • Various typos in dialogues and mission descriptions fixed
    • Turning in a mech should now be possible again
    • AFK-window no longer pops up and disappears again
    • Monster pets no longer self terminates when engaged in combat
    • Various improvements to item store/browser
    • Fixed various exploits
    Former Game Director of Anarchy Online.

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