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Thread: Bonus Character Slots for Subscribers during the 18.6.2 Patch

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    Funcom employee Bonus Character Slots for Subscribers during the 18.6.2 Patch

    I just want to tell you in advance that any active subscriber account with at least one character on it, will have 12 character slots after the 18.6.2 patch.

    After the 18.6.2 patch has been patched:
    Re activated/new subscriber accounts will get 10 character slots.
    Fr00bs have 8 character slots.

    18.6.2 is scheduled Monday May 6th.
    Should something critical come up that we have to fix that will delay this patch, I will inform you guys right away.
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    Funcom employee

    As an additional comment:

    Active subscribers who have had their account suspended during the 18.6.2 patch can petition to get their additional character slots if they did not get them during the patch.
    Simply petition when the suspension is lifted and CS will get it fixed.

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    Funcom employee

    I was informed that we would not be able to patch Thursday this week, so the patch is delayed to Monday next week. I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause for some of you.

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