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Thread: Valheru Ascendants is recruiting!!!!!

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    [CLAN] Valheru Ascendants is recruiting!!!!!

    ...out of legends they rode with their dragons companions, near myth, near dreams, legendary.

    Once we outnumbered the stars, so great were we. The masses trembled in awe before us. And yet, we laid it down. We gave up our power, our station in search of greater things. We were lost to antiquity. Our names forgotten, our ancient might forgotten, the terror we instilled slowly faded till we were damned to oblivion, our honor overthrown.

    Now, uncounted millennia later, from those born of the Ancient Faithful, we returned to take up that which we had mistakenly set aside. Now, We return to seek the power that we willingly gave up, to reclaim the Honor we let fall into oblivion, and seize the Glory that is the Valheru Birthright! Now, our battle cries echo endlessly off the hills, our enemies will tremble again, our might reclaimed.

    The Valheru: now we Ascend.

    Valheru Ascendants, a clan associated guild, is looking for those who want to be part of our family.

    We have a 300-ql city, an active player base, we do occasionally join in Notum wars and often have one or more tower sites. We are a pvm, pvp, tower org, with players experienced in Xan, Pande, APF, LE and Battle Stations, with a little role playing thrown in as well.

    We are a stand-alone org, full of good people who play mostly our higher-level toons, but still enjoy our lower alts at times! We try to treat each other with respect and understand, and expect everyone to get involved to some degree, even if it’s just in chat!

    Also, while we take below tl6 players,we are looking for people who want to level, people that want to be part of a group that play mostly tl6 and tl7 as well as have some lower alts that we dust off from time to time.

    While we try to arrange activities and for everyone, our main focus is for tl6/7. That is not to say there arent a good number of raids, quests and all around activities available and happening in the org for those TL5 and under too!

    We are a decent, good standing org within the clan community and we guard that reputation carefully. We dont permit clan ganking without good reason and we ask that all disputes be handled respectfully. If you feel you need to gank a clanner, we ask that you consider a challenge in the arena or by duel if needs be.

    We do try to be as helpful as possible when needed and While we dont mind answering questions or teaming here and there and having a good time, we do expect you to be as self sufficient as possible.
    We gladly answer questions after you have exhausted your efforts to find it by using Google or auno, etc.

    Normally, we do have a 2-week applicant period that allows us to see your play style and lets you decide if we are the org for you! After that 2-week period is up, we do promote regularly up to and included SQ as needed or requested

    During those 2 weeks you have all the benefits of a member excluding voting and raising or lowering cloak for raids.
    Please see one of our members for more information on how to become a <b><i>Dragon Rider</b><i>

    Or Msg any of the following officers with questions.

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    Bump, and i r officer to

    The peace sign is just the middle and the trigger finger

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    bump bump and away!!!!

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    *bumpity bump*

    ... and please add the [CLAN] tag to the subject line, was a nuisance looking it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenshai View Post
    *bumpity bump*

    ... and please add the [CLAN] tag to the subject line, was a nuisance looking it up.
    Hmmmm good point. Is there a a way to change to the Thread heading? I see under advance edit that you can change th title, but it doesnt seem to effect the Thread heading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cariadast View Post
    Hmmmm good point. Is there a a way to change to the Thread heading? I see under advance edit that you can change th title, but it doesnt seem to effect the Thread heading.
    Yup, same problem with my active org list.

    Need to get ARK onto it, probably needs a database change.
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    New president! New day!

    Come give us a try!!

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    yay clan

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