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Thread: Budabot 3.4_GA Release

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    Budabot 3.4_GA Release

    Budabot 3.4_GA has been released and features many updates related to the 18.7 patch and of course, bug fixes. Download links and instructions as well as a list of changes are here:

    If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Enjoy.

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    Changes (since 3.3_GA):
    -fixed !bio (thanks Daniel Grim)
    -items db updated to 18.08.10
    -!waypoint can now optionally take coordinates pasted from F9 (thanks Javier Cornejo)
    -removed !inspect
    -overhauled TIMERS_MODULE to allow custom callbacks (thanks equi for the request)
    -updated !about, logon banner, and Budabot "system ready" message
    -removed !heal, !check prof, and !check org due to /assist changes
    -fix for AOChatProxy not restarting when Budabot restarts
    -improved checks when upgrading Budabot versions to prevent database mangling
    -added support for type=, slot=, and ql= parameters to !items when using
    -added !runas and removed !altsadmin, !logonadmin, and !logoffadmin
    -added !gmi
    -removed !quote stats
    -!items now defaults to using for search results
    -added !litems to force items lookup using local items db
    -added !citems to force items lookup using remote items db ( by default)
    -added enhanced search capabilities to several commands including !findplayer, !cluster, !premade, !bossloot, !boss, and !playfields
    -removed !onlineirc
    -removed some settings from VOTE_MODULE
    -fix for using Budabot with MySQL 5.1 or earlier (thanks d0ttd0tt)

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    Thanks for the information.
    Looking at the install/upgrade instructions it says that if I am not on 3.3 GA I should upgrade to it first.
    What if I am on 3.0 GA? Do I need to upgrade to 3.2, then 3.3, and then 3.4? I did not see a 3.1 on the listing ...
    I guess I need some sort of a in-bot reminder that a new version is out there. I did not realize we were so far behind.


    Edit: I went back to the 3.3 instructions which said to update to 3.2 before updating to 3.3 ... so I did each update in sequence starting the bot after each update and making new back-ups each time.

    Edit: The Items Module is not working properly, for me at least.
    My bot is not able to look-up items on the "central" database, so with the module set to the central database as the default the items and citems commands are not pulling current information. The litems command does pull current information.

    I have posted to the budabot forums also, (kinnik).

    Last edited by Emma; Jan 12th, 2016 at 20:47:49. Reason: !items look-up not working

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    Regarding the Items Module / Central DB:

    Apparently there was a script issue with the central items database that was causing !items to not return the correct listing of items ... Demoder has now fixed the script.

    Quote Originally Posted by Demoder View Post
    The CIDB search issue seems to be a bug with the script that exports data to the CIDB. I'll look into it.

    Edit: Should be fixed now.
    However, you will need to re-start your chatbot for the fix to take effect.


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    Hmmm ... my installs are still running, or is that message just to get to Budabot forums etc.?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Emma View Post
    Hmmm ... my installs are still running, or is that message just to get to Budabot forums etc.?

    Just means he exceeded the monthly/daily/yearly limit on his website. Not related to the bot.
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    does the budabot forum get back online or does it stay "Undergoing Scheduled Maintenance - Check back soon."^^?

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