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Thread: Friday with(out) Means: July 23rd, 2010 - Insert Creative Subtitle Here

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    Funcom employee Friday with(out) Means: July 23rd, 2010 - Insert Creative Subtitle Here

    Welp, Means is a bit busy today so guess what - It's me again!

    ... unfortunately there isn't a whole lot to report on from up here this week, so this one's going to be fairly short. The whole "July vacation month" still has the building in its grips so the entire office is pretty quiet at the moment; not a whole lot of folks around in general. Not much in the world stranger and, in a way, more lonely than an empty office building. Odd feeling in a lot of ways.

    The AO team is mostly around, though, with a few peeps disappearing here and there for a couple days rest from time to time. Genele and Flaptoot are still hard at work on the new AI dungeon and AI Daily Mission content and hopefully we'll have some new screenshots to show off in the next few weeks. Genele's also been working hard with Metaing on getting more of the incoming nano changes written down, which does bring us to our first piece of content this week: The new Keeper nano changes! The Excel file is attached at the bottom of this post, and a discussion thread regarding the nano changes can be found in the Balance Discussion forums with a bit more information on some of the specific details. Hopefully you guys will like the directions we're taking with some of the new changes. =)

    I myself have been busy getting stuff together in the new PvP playfield this week and it's really starting to shape up. It may be a bit before its ready to actually go "live", but the basic mechanics should be out in the next update we publish. We've been thinking about maybe having some kind of large-scale test event in there to check out how things are working; we'll let you guys know more if/when we decide to go for anything.

    Lindelu's been hard at work digging into a few improvements for some of the Daily Missions and we should hopefully be getting those out before too long. Incoming goodness includes some new mission scaling for several of the Daily Missions and a bunch of other various tweaks and adjustments here and there. With any luck we'll have these (or at least the majority of them) out with the same update which reveals the hidden birthday building, so keep your eyes peeled for that one incoming soon. =)

    And, really, that's about it for me. As a quick note, I wanna remind all the RPers in the audience that the Events/Player Meeting is happening this Sunday and the more the merrier. For more information on what's happening and when, check out this post over in the Fourth Wall forum. Would love to see as many people show up as possible. =) I'd also like to draw a bit more attention to our ongoing "Newland City Logo" contest - We've already seen a host of awesome submissions, and with plenty of time left for others to get their designs in I'd like to encourage everyone to check out the thread and maybe even slap something together. =)

    Otherwise, as has been tradition around here as of late, I will leave you guys with a few new heads to check out - Hope you all enjoy.

    Have a great weekend!

    Edit: I forgot to mention that Venachar, one of our esteemed forums moderators, has decided to step down due to time constraints in the real world. I wanna take a moment to publicly thank him for all the hard work he's done over the years and wish him the best in the future. Should he ever decide to come back then he'll be welcomed with open arms. Vena, you'll be missed, and I'll down a shot of something with a little fire in it for ya tonight. Cheers, man. =)
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    Yay First!!!!
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    First from my phone!!

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    Always bet on duke
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    i think some of playerbase is on vacation too. no worries
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    the keeper nano xl sheet looks too asian

    /edit :

    ok ... who stole circus clown's pics to design trox heads ? I want names !
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    Page one!
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    Thank you for the update
    Will the new PVP field be something like WTF? (Will To Fight)

    Also: is the VP (Visual Profession) column right in the keeper spreadsheet, or will Agent get access to more nanos from that profession?

    Kind Regards
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    Any word on when the birthday building will be released? July 13/14 was the last guesstimate and looks like that has been changed to Soon.

    Issues with the building or what is causing the delay?
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    but but but... i wanted to find out about the changes to all nemesis nanos ...
    Don't you just hate this kind of ppl

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    page one
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    Gustatus similis pullus.

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    camping forums for hats and fwm is the new SL
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    Is it just me that finds an Atrox that is smiling THAT much an incredibly scary thing?

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    Nice stuff Kintaii.

    Can you be more precise about when the patch that reveals the building hits live?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nubbs View Post
    camping forums for hats and fwm is the new SL
    This gave me giggles.
    Cathryn "Vallikat" Thompon

    Your queen of muffiny goodness!
    Director - Gridstream Productions --->Tune In Here

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    Don't be lonely anymore.

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    Unicorn with a horn
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    That atrox just got a new cabbage.

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