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Thread: Friday with Means - November 25th, 2011 - Less words more screens

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    Funcom employee Friday with Means - November 25th, 2011 - Less words more screens

    Being brief this week after huge amounts of text last week. A few screens this week for us to share from work on the engine. Really starting to come together and Parsed has really been destroying a lot of the engine bugs during the last weeks together with help from Cube. Work on the Christmas content is going well and we hope to get it to TestLive sometime next week.

    I'm taking my family on vacation for the first time this year so I will be away for almost two weeks...taking the kids to Disney while they are still Kintaii will be sharing more secrets next week.

    Have a great weekend!
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    +1 ;p
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    Yeah first page. And nice looking enviroments.
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    not first

    EDIT: do we have system reqs for enjoying new engine on max settings yet?
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    1st page

    btw the pics are down

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    have fun.
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    I approve the quality of these screenshots!

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    You guys sure have a hardon for godrays
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    Looks pretty =)

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    I can see that work on the text over the heads still need work

    it seems like it want to perform AA on it?

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    Another first page!
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    Is it possible to see a little video soon? the pictures look nice! But do watch out with that bumpmap, clearly vissible on the first swamp pic.
    With a video (nothing too fancy) i'd like to see the lighting while moving. very curious if it looks anything like i hope it looks like. (GTA-4'ish)
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    +1 nice pics
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    Quick question for devs, As the new engine will make use of GPUs, how much more improvement on framrates are computers with lets say an AMD HD4770 will get?

    I know its too early to ask but just what are you guys aiming for? An estimate % would be appriciated :P
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    Oh wow, some progress did happen. Guess everything is gonna be fine! Shut up you stupid trolls.

    P.S. Looks nice.
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    Yeah, but
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    good to see
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